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Supermodel Gisele Bundchen Passes Pilot’s License Written Exam


Hot and sexy Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who is carrying her first baby with American football player husband Tom Brady, has not let her pregnancy stand in the way of what she wishes to do in life.

She has cleared her first helicopter flying exams, just months within she enrolled herself for the course.

Her tutor says that she is natural in flight.

Shoreline aviation president Keith Douglass has said: “Gisele hasn’t finished her license yet, but she did pass her written exam. Now, there is one more step along the way, the practical exam, which is coming up in another week. She has been doing an excellent job. She is very dedicated. She flies at least three days a week. Flying a helicopter isn’t easy- it is a handful, because you can’t stop flying and just cruise but she is doing great.”

But he also admits that her baby bump is making her time in the cockpit tricky. She is due next month.

He added: “We have pilots that fly right up to the end of pregnancy. She doesn’t go very high, maybe 500 feet or 1,000 feet, which is nothing. She is always close and can get down quickly if she needs to. She is feeling great and looking great. She has been doing an excellent job. But she is almost to a point where she is too big to be flying.”

Now that’s how she makes a great combo- a career driven woman and a committed mum to be too.

-Sneha Hazarika( Sampurn Media )

[ Image credit : Mark Edwards / Splash News Online via people.com ]

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