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Marissa Miller: $3 Million VS Diamond-Studded Bra


Do you know how much this fantasy bra supermodel Marisa Miller is wearing ? This one is worth $3 million! created by Damiani.

Marisa Miller is one of the hottest lingerie models in the world, and chosen to model the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra. She is one of the Askmen’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women in the World.

Video : Marisa Miller – VS Fantasy Bra Girl 2009

Features of this fantasy bra

  • Valued at $3 million
  • Weighs over 150 carats
  • Studded with over 2 thousand white and cognac diamonds.
  • Also features a 16-carat heart-shaped Champagne diamond pendant at the center.

[ Image credit: celebrity-gossip ]

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