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Suneil Shetty’s RED ALERT with a real life drama


Suneil Shetty the star of the forthcoming RED ALERT-THE WAR WITHIN, recently felt a chill up his spine, when he came across newspaper images of dead Naxals being carried away like animals. He harked back to the sequence in RED ALERT which had an uncanny resemblance to the real life drama, in which he was required to carry the bodies of dead policemen, dump them on to a cycle rikshaw and peddle them to a town square to be hanged.

Moreover ,he had to peddle up a slope with the five ‘bodies’ piled up behind him without the help of any harness .The utter disregard for the dead , on either side of the law, is just one of the potent moments in this film, that tackles the most burning issue of the day …a nation at war with itself. In fact the “war within” tag of the film’s title ,suggests both —the war being waged in the country and the one raging inside us as we come to grips with this frightening truth.