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Sophie Chaudhary beats Himesh Reshammiya


Sophie Chaudhary gives Himesh Reshammiya a run for his money as she can sing in five different voices where as poor Himesh can manage only two. In her latest album ‘Sound of Sophie’, Sophie puts this talent to use and belts out tracks after tracks in five different vocal tones!

Liking to keep it versatile Sophie feels, as a singer, one should keep experimenting and should be able to sing in different tones.

“My album SOS (Sound of Sophie) allowed me to sing breathy and sexy in ‘Manjave’, full throat rock in ‘Mohabbat’, sweet and warm in ‘Sari Sari’ and arabic style in ‘Tu Nahin’,” explains Sophie all in one breath.

Crediting her multi-voice talent to music composers Sophie adds, “Working with different music directors allowed me to sing in different styles and that’s something, which is really unique in my album.”

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