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Rukhsar as a bar girl


actor Rukhsar is doing which tabu did long back and her film chandni bar made a history,yes rukhsar is playing a role of a bar girl based on a real charactor in producer umesh chouhan and director yunus sajawal film yet to release tittled benney and babloo.k.k.menon plays benney and rajpal yadav plays babloo.a waiter in a ghungroo ladies danceing bar.

Actress-Rukhsar-as-bar-girl.jpg Actress-Rukhsar-as-bar-girl-1.jpg Actress-Rukhsar-as-bar-girl-2.jpg

Rukhsar has definitly pinned all her hopes on benny and babloo though she has a couple of others too lined up for release.rukhsar shot in an actual bar for the film.the film narrates a story of two friends,one working in a five star and other in ladies bar.it dissects the murky incidents that happen inside the bar and state of the girls working in a bar.director yunus sajawal has done research for around two years for the same and he took rukhsar to actual bars where she interacted with bar dancers too.her character hema in inspired by a real bar girl who is actually a mentor to the other bar girls in the film and in real like also ,revels yunus sajawal.