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New pictures of model Viveka Babajee with Gautam Vora


Newly released pictures of model Viveka Babajee

The supermodel Viveka Babajee family shared these photographs of her and Gautam Vora. On June 25, supermodel Viveka Babajee was found dead under mysterious circumstances. Her family has managed to access her Gmail as well as Facebook accounts, which point towards the fact that the couple (Viveka Babajee with Gautam Vora) were not just friends, but love-birds

Viveka-Babajee-with-Gautam-Vora-picture-2.jpg Viveka-Babajee-with-Gautam-Vora-picture-1.jpg Viveka-Babajee-with-Gautam-Vora-picture-3.jpg Viveka-Babajee-with-Gautam-Vora-picture-4.jpg Viveka-Babajee-with-Gautam-Vora-picture-5.jpg Viveka-Babajee-with-Gautam-Vora-picture-6.jpg