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Magician Franz Harary‎ in India’s Magic Star


Get introduced to the newest and snazziest addition to star one India’s magic star, the international magic maestro, Franz Harary. Franz Harary along with Rajath, Vasanth and Jackie Shroff will be a judge on the show.


Franz Harary has been associated with Magic since 1984 when he designed illusions for Michael Jackson. Harary made Jackson levitate and disappear on one side of the stage to reappear with his brothers on the other side. He went on to designing illusions for N*SYNC, Cher, Snoop Dog, Tupac Shakur, Tone Loc, Styx, Dr. Dre, Usher, Boyz II Men, Queen Latifah, Hammer, Tina Turner, Reba McEntire and Missy Elliott.

Harary was the first magician to make a space shuttle dissapear. He disappeared the Taj Mahal the last time he was here