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Lara Dutta Yoga DVD : H.E.A.L.


Ex-Miss Universe Lara Dutta launches first of her series of Yoga DVDs. Her series of fitness DVDs will be released under the umbrella of H.E.A.L. With Lara where H.E.A.L stands for Health, Exercise and Longevity.

Bipasha and Shilpa Shetty is yet other actress whose body every woman envies to have.  Bipasha Basu recently launched her fitness DVD and Shilpa’s Yoga DVD has also become popular.

Videos in the H.E.A.L. with Lara Dutta series are:

– Yoga: Recovery and Rejuvenation – in collaboration with Tonia Clark
– Power Play – in collaboration with Zareen Watson
– Posture Perfect- in collaboration with Zareen Watson

DVD are being jointly produced by Reliance BIG Home Video, Bheegi Basanti Entertainment Pvt. Ltd (Lara Dutta home production) and Big Daddy Productions.