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Katrina Kaif most searched celebrity on Google India

Google has announced it’s survey– 2009 Google Zeitgeist: India (Spirit of the Times 2009). The list gives us insight to the events, people and trends that dominated the year. Google Zeitgeist 2009 is a real reflection of the spirit of the nation.


Barbie doll of India, cute Katrina Kaif topped the Most Popular Celebrities list in 2009. In 2008 she topped the list( Katrina Kaif Hottest Babe, The Most Searched on Google India -2008 )

2009 Google Zeitgeist – Most popular celebrities

1. katrina kaif
2. michael jackson
3. salman khan
4. aishwarya rai
5. shahid kapoor
6. kareena kapoor
7. shahrukh khan
8. angelina jolie
9. megan fox
10. sachin tendulkar

Recently the gorgeous Katrina Kaif was voted the Sexiest Actress by London based Eastern Eye and featured second on the Top Online Newsmaker of 2009 list by Yahoo!

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