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Kangna Ranaut launches ICE3 cube Flip Phone


Alcatel Mobile has launched new cube designed flip mobile phone ICE3 OT-808 in the Indian market.

It is the first GSM mobile phone launched by the company targeting young girls. ALCATEL Mobile’s brand Ambassador Bolywood Star Kangna Ranaut unvield the phone at Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

Star Kangna Ranaut steted, “ICE is a young, hip, cool and stylish phone. I love its distinctive look, and believe it offers great features. It is priced very affordably, and I’m sure it will be a very popular phone in the market.”

Kangna-Ranaut-Alcatel-Ice-3-mobile.jpg Kangna-Ranaut-Alcatel-Ice-3-mobile-1.jpg Kangna-Ranaut-Alcatel-Ice-3-mobile-2.jpg Kangna-Ranaut-Alcatel-Ice-3-mobile-3.jpg Kangna-Ranaut-Alcatel-Ice-3-mobile-4.jpg Kangna-Ranaut-Alcatel-Ice-3-mobile-5.jpg Kangna-Ranaut-Alcatel-Ice-3-mobile-6.jpg Kangna-Ranaut-Alcatel-Ice-3-mobile-8.jpg