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Kamal Haasan warns against fake Dasavatharam merchandise

Kamal Haasan?s Dasavatharam

Some people are running a website named ‘universalherokamal.com’ and are involved in selling T-shirts with my images and photographs of my movies(mainly Dasavatharam, Kamal is out to deliver 10 different characters along with Mallika and sensational asin in Dasavatharam) in a tie-up with Kamal Haasan fans’ community in ‘Orkut.com’. All these are being carried out without obtaining my permission” said in Kamal Haasan statement

Calling them ‘enemies’, he said their business activities using his name are in fact tantamount to undermining his efforts to involve his fans in social service and other constructive programs for the welfare of society. And, he has taken care to keep his fans associations off any politics or exploit his name or films for business purposes, he pointed out.

Here is the Dasavatharam Photo Gallery

Kamal Haasan?s Dasavatharam Photo 1Kamal Haasan?s Dasavatharam Photo 3Kamal Haasan?s Dasavatharam Photo 9 Kamal Haasan?s Dasavatharam Photo 5Kamal Haasan?s Dasavatharam Photo 8Kamal Haasan?s Dasavatharam Photo 10

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  • kanth March 11, 2008, 1:46 pm

    this messege is send me

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