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Endhiran (Robot) – Movie Review


The most anticipated film Endhiran in Tamil and Robot in other languages has released world wide. Movie review for Endhiran(Robot) starring Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai, Directed by S. Shankar.

Endhiran movie gets thumbs up review across world.

Here are the collective reviews (Endhiran Review Round-Up):

Indiaglitz Review:

In Dubai the first show of ‘Endhiran’ started at 7.30am this morning and the fans who managed to see the world’s very first show of ‘Endhiran’ came out ecstatic.

Verdict: Endhiran is a super hit first International Indian Film.

DNAIndia.com Review:

Robot (Endhiran) is an Indian film to be proud of

Robot or Endhiran, simply put, is one of the most entertaining Indian films – across all languages – ever made.

Rediff.com Review:

Shankar, Rajnikanth make Endhiran work

Endhiran is one of those rare films that give you just enough material to pull you in, and enjoy yourself. Just go and have a blat.

Behindwoods.com Review:

Overall, Endhiran is a ‘robotic, hypnotic, supersonic, Superstar’ experience, the first of its kind in Tamil cinema and the only one of its kind for a long time to come. It is going to take a Herculean effort to equal or better Endhiran within the confines of Tamil cinema. Let’s hope the day comes soon. For now, an ovation to the Endhiran team, Sun Pictures and Kalanithi Maran for showing faith in Shankar’s vision and to Hansraj Saxena for masterful execution of the project. If not for the faith, confidence and vision of these men, Shankar’s ten year dream would still have been just a dream.

Do Indian cinema a favour, watch Endhiran; let a 100 other Shankars feel bold enough to dream.

Verdict: Indian cinema’s pinnacle of evolution – ‘Robot sapiens’

Sify.com Review:

Enthiran – The Robot: Many Rajinis, one smashing film

Yes, this is that brand of cinema where subtle is a bad word. In fact, you’d be accused of being conceited for demanding such refinements from a Rajinikanth film.

So go on, sink your teeth into what is said to be Asia’s most expensive movie by far, but also one where Rajinikanth leaps off a moving train to retrieve the heroine’s purse.

Times of India Review:

The film carries forward the man-machine war through interesting twists and turns and creates a lively love triangle between scientist Rajnikanth, medico student, Aishwarya Rai and robot Rajnikanth. Interestingly, the duo make an interesting pair, what with Rajni saar’s sundry wigs and sideburns and Aishwarya’s tribal `Kilimanjaro-Mohenjodaro’ attire. Peppered with colourful songs (AR Rahman) and dances (Prabhu Deva, Raju Sundaram) and high-octane drama, Robot is the perfect getaway film, guaranteed to give you a high with its heady over-the-top Indian flavour. You might just OD (overdose) on the pungent masala fare.
Have a blast.

NDTV Review:

Robot rides on Rajinikanth’s shoulders and he never stoops under the burden. Aided by snazzy clothes, make-up and special effects, he makes Chitti endearing.

Robot is exhausting. You won’t have much energy left when it’s done. But this roller-coaster ride should be experienced.

idlebrain.com review by Jeevi:

Analysis: First half of the movie is good and interesting. Second half is excellent. The final 30 minutes of action sequences are mind-blowing. Shankar teams up with Rajnikanth to make this logic-defying entertainer that appeals to every movie lover around. The plus points are Shankar’s story telling, Rajnikanth’s charishma and extremely imaginative special effects/ animatronics. The flipside is that a few number of scenes are logic-less as it is supposed to be science fiction. Robo is the best special effects film ever made in India and is definitely India’s answer to Hollywood in terms of both special effections and imagination. Go and watch it.

Tailpiece: I have recently seen the films ‘I, Robot’ and ‘Bicentennial Man’ again for the purpose of comparing with Robo movie. I find that 90% of the movie is orginal and imaginative and only 10% is inspired. One such striking inspiration is the dialogue from ‘I, Robot’ that goes like ‘If humans do it, its called Homicide. If machine does it, its called accident’.

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