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Diesel store in Bangalore

Shekhar Kapoor seen at the launch of Diesel store in Bengaluru

After weeks of stupid appearances around the city, Diesel finally unveiled itself at the ‘Diesel Peep Show’ on June 20 at the UB City, Bengaluru.

In keeping with its name, the Peep show left everyone exposed right from the registration desk onwards. The city’s glitterati was seen reading out eye test charts with hilarious messages to get into the party only to realize that they will have to peep their way through the party right to the Diesel store, which was kept under wraps with just a peep hole opening.

As everyone warmed up at the bars listening to Diesel store patrol member DJ Gokul; MC RJ Anjaan urged everyone to visit the peep show booths. Guests were seen lining up in front of the peep show booth pocketing their tissues in case things got too exciting. Squeals were reported shortly after.
Enter, President and CEO, Reliance Brands, Darshan Mehta, who formally announced the launch of the much awaited Italian brand in Bengaluru with a special video message from the genius behind the cult brand, President and Founder, Renzo Rosso, talking of Diesel’s presence in India and how he loves the passion and energy of India, especially the Indian women.

Darshan Mehta, President and CE0, Reliance Brands Limited seen at the launch of Diesel store in Bengaluru

DJ Candy, Darshan Mehta, President and CE0, Reliance Brands Limited, RJ Anjaan

Sanjjana seen at the launch of Diesel store in Bengaluru

Sharmila Mandre, Jeniffer Kotwal seen at the launch of Diesel store in Bengaluru

Tarun Arora, Anjala Zaveri seen at the launch of Diesel store in Bengaluru

And then a million dreams came true, nobody knew what hit them, Models were seen floating down the escalator wearing Diesel intimate collection to the beat of Brazilian DJ Cady. A first of its kind for Diesel, the fashion show unleashed a party that was truly to be seen to be believed!

Seen gyrating to the dynamic beats of Brazilian DJ Candy were well known personalities like Shekhar Kapur, Manoviraj Khosla, Waseem Khan, Raj Shroff, Gulpreet Singh, Priya Sanghvi, Sheetal Sharma, Laila Baker, Rahul Dev Shetty actors Diganth, Aindrita Ray, Sanjjita, Tarun Arora, Anjala Zaveri, Arjun Sarja, Ramya, Sharmila Mandre, Jennifer Kotwal, Afsal, south Indian sensation Vishal along with others who graced the event.
The party went on till the wee hours in the morning rocking the city like never before leaving the Bengalurians aroused for more!!!

Models showcasing the Diesel intimate collection at the fashion show held to celebrate the launch of Diesel in Bengaluru

Models-showcasing-the-Diesel-intimate-collection-at-the-fashion-show-held-to-celebrate-the-launch-of-Diesel-in-Bengaluru-3.jpg Models-showcasing-the-Diesel-intimate-collection-at-the-fashion-show-held-to-celebrate-the-launch-of-Diesel-in-Bengaluru-4.jpg Models-showcasing-the-Diesel-intimate-collection-at-the-fashion-show-held-to-celebrate-the-launch-of-Diesel-in-Bengaluru-5.jpg Models-showcasing-the-Diesel-intimate-collection-at-the-fashion-show-held-to-celebrate-the-launch-of-Diesel-in-Bengaluru-7.jpg