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Dia Mirz’s Twitter Confessions

Actor Dia Mirza has revealed that whenever she is on Twitter communicating with her fans she gets a free update about various things from around the world. Mirza, who is currently in US, keeps her fans up to date with her life during her free time, and she is enjoying it immensely.


She revealed, “I did a thing, where I was up at, like, 5.30 in the morning, or so and I’m in New York, I looked out the window, and go, ‘Great day in NYC, How is it where you are?. I got, like, 80, 90, 100 responses, going, ‘I’m in Spain, and it’s such-and-such weather,’ ‘I’m in Argentina…’ ‘I’m in, like, 17 states across America’…Now I’ve got this global weather check happening here.”

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