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Bollywood stars Remembers 26/11

Amitabh Bachchan:

“I was in Mumbai on 26/11 last year. I will be in the city again this year.”

Bipasha Basu:

“I was shooting for Aa Dekhen Zara at Royal Palms on 26/11. While I was on the way back I saw the Vile Parle blast and was stranded in the crazy chaos. We somehow drove through the melee to reach home that night. This year on 26/11 I’d be rehearsing for a show. I want terrorism to be wiped off the face of the earth. Is that asking for too much?”

Hema Malini:

“I was in Mumbai. Someone told me to watch television. I couldn’t believe what I saw. 26 November used to be associated with so many wonderful things. It is a meat-less day and a friend’s wedding anniversary. Now the joy of that day is gone forever. Now 26/11 is a day of terror forever. I’ll be in Turkey shooting this year. I will remember the day with a heavy heart. My love to all those who lost dear ones on that day.”

Neil Nitin Mukesh:

“I remember I was shooting in at Film City on 26/11 last year. I wish we could change that day in Mumbai. I wish people who lost their loved ones would get back their happiness. This 26/11 I’ll pray for the soul of the dead and hope that their families’ wounds would heal.”

Pooja Bedi:

“I was at home on 26/11, 2008 watching the horror unfold on television. This year I’m hosting a 26/11-memorial function by the DVK Foundation in London at the Kensington Palace. It is to support victims of terror attacks and to provide financial assistance to families.”

Imtiaz Ali:

“I remember I came home from a late-night film. I got messages to switch on the TV. Then I was watching horrified for the next 70 hours. When we relive that horror this year we have to be sensitive and not remind the families of 26/11 victims just to create media content. On the other hand this year media should ascertain from the authorities and tell the common man what he must do if a similar situation were to arise again.”

Adnan Sami:

“I remember I was heading towards the Taj for a Japanese meal on 26/11. My song ‘Mumbai City’ with Jermaine Jackson contains my tribute to the spirit of 26/11. We won’t go down into the night, no matter what.”

Rahul Khanna:

“Last year on 26/11 I was traveling out of the country and was glued to the live TV coverage feeling helpless watching hometown under attack. I hope all the brave innocent souls we lost are at peace and in a better place.”

Tusshar Kapoor:

“I was in Cape Town shooting when 26/11 happened. Ideally I’d never want such a horror to revisit Mumbai. But life is not about ideal situations.”

Arshad Warsi:

“I was shooting in Wai. I drove into Mumbai and out on 26/11 last year. I’m going to a charity dinner hosted by Prince Michael in memory of people who lost their lives on 26/11.”

Dino Morea:

“I was in Los Angeles on 26/11 last year. Watched it all on TV. If I could reverse the clock I’d love to wipe out the horror of that day and make it just another normal day in Mumbai. This year on 26/11 we want Kasab to be sentenced. What is this game that is being played regarding his hand in 26/11?”

Kabir Bedi:

“Last year my companion Parveen and I were at the Juhu Marriott receiving frantic calls from my children Pooja and Adam begging us to go home. Even the Press at the event only talked of gang-land shootings in South Bombay but we took the children’s advice. I’d have liked it if the terrorists had sunk to the bottom of the sea before landing. This year I am a hosting a charity fundraiser in London, along with Pooja, for the benefit of the victims of 26/11.”

Neha Dhupia:

“On 26/11 last year I was in a movie premiere. Everyone started to leave. That was very unusual. Little did we know what was happening outside. Wish it had never happened.”

Abbas Tyrewala:

“I was in Chennai working on my music on 26/11 last year. There was cyclone that day, almost as if the elements were reflecting on the darkness and turmoil in Mumbai. This 26th I am tempted to be at the Taj for dinner. But maybe that’s just being stubbornly sentimental. Maybe I’ll just say a prayer for those who were murdered by pathetic, desperate imbeciles, misled by enemies of God and humanity.”

Manoj Bajpai:

“I had just returned from Malaysia on 26/11 last year. I’ll be shooting in Dubai this year.”

Sonu Sood:

“I was in an event at the Marriot on 26/11 last year when suddenly everyone panicked. I didn’t realize anything was seriously amiss until I saw the news. Nothing worse could’ve happened to Mumbai.I feel it’s time we collectively stood up against terrorism.”

Celina Jaitley:

“I was saved from the attack on Trident hotel by 15 minutes. It’s sad that after the ghastly 26/11 attack the Indians’ anger and outrage lasted only a few days. Kasab is still in jail and everyone has moved on without making the correction in our security system that made the attack possible. This is alarming.”

Shreyas Talpade:

“I was in Cape Town last year when it happened. As a token of respect to the people who lost their lives, we should torture and kill that bast..d Kasab. Instead we’re behaving like a bunch of idiots trying to prove he isn’t guilty. I really feel ashamed. Let’s hang Kasab for what he has done. It doesn’t matter if he is Indian or Pakistani.”

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