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Bipasha Basu in Pankh : Pics

Bollywood Pankh story is about life of a boy who plays a female artiste as a child in films. When he grows up and wants to be launched as a hero, he goes through gender confusion and falls in love with an imaginary actress, played by Bipasha Basu.


Bipasha-Basu-in-Bollywood-movie-Pankh-1.jpg Bipasha-Basu-in-Bollywood-movie-Pankh-2.jpg Bipasha-Basu-in-Bollywood-movie-Pankh-3.jpg Bipasha-Basu-in-Bollywood-movie-Pankh-4.jpg Bipasha-Basu-in-Bollywood-movie-Pankh-5.jpg Bipasha-Basu-in-Bollywood-movie-Pankh-6.jpg Bipasha-Basu-in-Bollywood-movie-Pankh-7.jpg Bipasha-Basu-in-Bollywood-movie-Pankh-8.jpg