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Akshay : G-20 Summit Honorary Guest!


Bollywood star Akshay Kumar was the honorary guest at the
prestigious G-20 Summit between India and Canada and hosted
the proceedings on the 27th june 2010.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper met his Indian
counterpart Dr. Manmohan Singh on the sidelines of next week’s G20
summit and discussed the scope for the two countries to indulge in
bilateral business, Indo-Canadian relations and other economic and
political issues.

Says PM Harper “Canada and India are developing the tremendous
potential of our relationship by rapidly expanding commercial,
cultural and educational ties, look forward to working with prime
minister Singh to further capitalize on our shared strengths.”

Akshay Kumar was officially invited by Stephen Harper to the
Presidential House in Canada where the Summit is to be held.

Reveals a source “PM Harper sent Akshay Kumar an official invitation
to be the guest of honor for the G-20 Summit .Akshay
hosted the proceedings on the 27th June“

Akshay Kumar created quite a stir at Vancouver as the Indian
Ambassador for the Winter Olympics 2010.In fact we got to see history
in the making as the Olympic Torch was presented to Akshay Kumar in
his country of residence by the Canadian PM Stephen Harper.