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Aamir Khan’s chat room


The perfectionist in Aamir Khan has yet again proved the credentials of his title. He doesn’t seem to be pleased with the current technology to handle the traffic in the chat rooms. So, he has decided to design a chat room his way. But what is the reason for this disappointment?

Aamir recently conducted a fans chat on the occasion of music launch of 3 Idiots on the Internet and during the chat he discovered something, which compounded the reason for his misery.

To which he exclaims, “The big challenge is to be able to take the volume of traffic. By the time we finished with the lobby and I tried to enter my chat room, I discovered to my horror that I couldn’t, too much of traffic, I was told. So the technical team had to quickly create a new chat room for me.”

However, Aamir soon comes with a solution and says, “One day I will be able to organize a chat the way I imagine.”

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  • riyaz January 10, 2010, 9:42 am

    hello how r u?????????/

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