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Trio Nayantara, Meena and Pasupathy explains

Trio Nayantara, Meena and Pasupathy explained why they did not show up for the Rajini’s Kuselan audio launch held on June 30. Here is the explanation..

  1. Pasupathy was in Munnar for the film ‘Vedigundu Murugesan’ in which he plays the hero, so could not make.
  2. Meena was in Hyderabad shooting for the Telugu film ‘Karikonda Thangamma’, so could not make.
  3. Nayantara was in Chennai !!!, shooting for ‘Aegan’ was fixed suddenly at only 4 pm, and the audio launch was at 7 pm, so could not make.

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Believe it or not .. this is the real reason.

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