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Simran 14 roles in Navavelli

Actress Simran is to play 14 different avataar’s in her forthcoming tele-serial titled as Navavelli. Produced by Pyramid Saimira, the serial will be telecasted in Jaya TV from June 30, Monday. Simra is taking Kamal’s 10 roles in Dasavatharam!

Simran comes in 14 ‘Avataar’s of Amman as she fights for justice and instills spiritual faith in her followers.This serial comes in the moth of Aadi, the most auspicious one for Tamil women.

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“I know the importance of Aadi and how Tamil women give importance to this auspicious month. That is why I was so disciplined while the portions were shot.” says Simran who strikes back again in Tamil cinema.

Simran as Amman in Navavelli Tele-serialSimran as Amman in Navavelli Tele-serialSimran as Amman in Navavelli Tele-serialSimran as Amman in Navavelli Tele-serial

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  • Mirzan July 14, 2008, 9:49 am

    Hello how are you all of simrans fan and that we are happy to say that simran come back to cinema…I thank you all to brink her again….as a one of best heroen.

    Mirzan always, wishing my sweet sister Simran Also, I hope much her to participate any program of SHAKTHI TV or shkthi fm and we are hope to listen her voice atleast…… WE CAN NOT SEE RAJ TV. If this web link may submit my message for Mrs.Simran I’m very very happy with all tamilnadu.

    Sri Lanka.
    Mobile: 0094 772 512173

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