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Priyamani Hikes Salary to Rs 40 lakh

National and Filmfare awards winner actress Priya Mani has hiked her remuneration to Rs 40 lakh. The buzz is that its because she’s doing a Mani Ratnam film.

Priya Mani, Actress  Priya Mani, National and Filmfare awards winner Priya Mani, Filmfare Priya Mani

She shot back at reporters when asked as to why she has hiked her remuneration.

Yes, I’ve hiked my price but it’s not because I’ doing a particular film. It’s just that you can’t keep working for the same amount all through your career. And it’s only natural to up your remuneration if your movies do really well and you become a known face in the industry. I can’ quote how much I charge or give you an approximate amount for my salary. But how I wish Rs 40 lakh was true!

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