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Priyamani 5th Tamil actress to win National Award for Best Actress

Priyamani is the fifth actress to win this prestigious National Award winner for best actress from the Tamil film Industry.

Here is the list of Tamil Actress who won the National Award for best actress.

Year Movie Name Actress
1976 Sila Nerangallil Sila Manithargal Lakshmilakshmi_nationalaward.jpg
1979 Pasi Shobhashobha_nationalaward.jpg
1985 Sindhu Bairavi Suhasinisuhasini_nationalaward.jpg
1987 Veedu Archanaarchana_nationalaward.jpg
2006 Paruthi Veeran Priyamanipriyamani_nationalaward.jpg


Congratulations, Priyamani!

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