Meena – The Super Six Actress

Rosy (Meena), a wheelchair bound cancer patient played with Superstar Rajini in Anbulla Rajinikanth (1984). Now, the smiley actress once again gets to see Rajinikanth play himself in Kuselan.

Meena, Meena Anbulla Rajinikanth, Meena Engeyo Ketta Kural,Meena Yejaman,Meena  Muthu, Meena Veera,Meena Kuselan

Meena acted with superstar in the following movies

  1. Anbulla Rajinikanth
  2. Engeyo Ketta Kural
  3. Yejaman
  4. Muthu
  5. Veera
  6. Kuselan

“The best part of working in Kuselan was to again have Rajini Sir play a guest role in my film, says Meena with her trademark smile.

By | Jul 31, 2008 

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