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Amar Singh with Jaya Prada in Bengali film

Politician Amar Singh will feature himself to the big screen in a guest appearance in a Bengali film, Ashoke Vishwanath’s Shesh Sanghat.

Shesh Sanghat, a remake of the Telugu super-hit Osce Ramulamma, is about a Dalit woman who takes the help of Naxals in her fight for justice.


Starring in the Bangla version are actors Jackie Shroff and Jaya Prada. Amar Singh virtually plays himself, as a retired state government minister.

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  • souvik February 28, 2008, 3:20 pm

    Jaya Prada is one of the most accomplished dancers of bollywood films. She was unique in her classical dance performances in the film Shankaravaranam, and carried on the brilliant work in the film Sargam, opposite Rishi Kapoor.

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