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BMW status symbol for Prithviraj ?

Fancy houses and money has replaced the BMW and other expensive cars as the status symbol of choice for the rich and the famous celebrities.

  • Mammootty is one of the first stars from the south who bought one for himself.
  • Illayathalapathi Vijay ultimate tamil superstar has Black BMW for himself( photo here).
  • Trisha, claims BMW as her most favorite car(She owns model 5 series BMW ).

Young raising star Prithviraj is the latest to join the list of proud BMW owners. His new car will be on roads by this week.

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  • Anas Malavattath December 19, 2009, 4:28 pm

    I thnk mamooka has sold his X5 n tuk a Range Rover,Audi aftr tat n now he own a Fortuner.Prithiv Raj owned a new Audi Q7.

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